Cat Ear Glowing Headphones USB Chargeable Version


The Ears and Sides Light Up! LED Solid or Flashing light options. Great Gift idea! Cute Foldable Wired rechargeable Headset with Multiple Color Options.


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  • These cat ear headphones have super clear sound quality! There are multiple colors to choose from, and the ears and sides light up. They are both trendy and comfortable. The Colors available are White, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink/Black.
  • Noise Cancelling technology with foldable earphones that are light and easy for travel or wearing around the house.
  • Each headphone comes with a Li-polymer 110mA rechargeable battery and USB cord. It has an LED light that you can turn on or off at your leisure. The light can remain solid or flash depending on your personal preference.
  • The connector is a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, and it works with nearly every phone, tablet or computer.
  • Fun for all ages, this is a great gift idea or item for yourself that we’re sure will provide you with hours of fun!

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White, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink/Black


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